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What a great time! We had 4 couples, for a 4-nite 5-day cruise of the main islands (Hvar, Vis, Brac, others). Maggie is a gracious (and skilled) hostess, and her skipper was a pro. The food (2 meals per day) was top-notch and a very pleasant surprise. The Grey Goose is a fantastic boat. The staterooms have plenty of room, and there is LOTS of common areas on the decks and lounges and dining areas. I initially thought a 45′ boat would be too small, but was corrected when the fact that it is a CATAMARAN is considered (a 45′ CAT has the deck space of about a 70′ monohull sailboat). Here is a tip: Although Maggie frequently departs from Split, there is a small charge for that boat transfer to there. I recommend you save some money, and depart from Sibenik port (about 90 mins North of Split). Stay in Sibenik for a night or two prior to your boat journey – Sibenik was one of our group’s favorite towns in all of Croatia! (Take a day trip to Krka Falls, and visit Rak winery – both are stupendous.) If you book a multi-day trip on the Goose, I also recommend a day tour on Brac island, with the provider Explore Brac.

Bottom line – YES – take a trip on the Grey Goose!!